Wine Valley Branch #149

Napa, CA

One Man's Journey In SIR 

Almost nobody has more life, family and work experiences than retirees.  Their life shifts dramatically the day they retire, but it should be viewed as an opportunity by them to “re-launch” themselves into a whole new world unhindered by many of the responsibilities that may have burdened them during their life in the work force.

The day of retirement suddenly became a reality for me with the going away luncheon, the speeches and the final handshakes from those in my organization.  As I went  home, an  emptiness soon set in. I needed to begin a search for new horizons. 

One opportunity I discovered for retirees like myself was SIR – Sons In Retirement.  Everyone should take at least one day of doing nothing, but those days soon became boring.  SIR membership is open to men like ourselves regardless of age, race, national origin or religion. 

Begun in 1958, SIR has thousands of members and branches in most areas of Central and Northern California.  We have monthly luncheons with interesting speakers and good fellowship.  Additionally, our members have lots of fun with a variety of activities such as golf, fishing, bowling, card games and computers.  Other activities like travel, dining, picnics and holiday parties include our ladies and guests.  In fact, we have eighteen choices and the variety is increasing. 

But there are some things that we don't do at SIR!  We don't raise money, we don't have a political agenda.  We don't have a religious orientation.  We don't sell light bulbs or anything else.  We've paid our dues to the working world – its time now for us to enjoy life. 

And enjoy life we truly do as members of Sons In Retirement. 

Chapter 149 of SIR is located in Napa, CA.  With over 240 members,  we know that life is much more fun in our retirement when we are active.  And so we have re-launched ourselves and hope that others will join us. Our primary goal today is  to increase the smiles and a continuation of a meaningful life for those around us. 

There is still  much tread left on our heels but we need to get up and find meaning with each new day.  

I have found a new path and smiles for my continuing journey.  Sons In Retirement also has brought back smiles to my family who watch me walk with a lighter step.  I now have new goals and I intend to continue my journey to catch that shooting star. 

Welcome to Sons In Retirement!