Wine Valley Branch #149
Napa, CA




Sir Tom Jensen - - 255-7160

 SIR branch #149 travel has been limited to baseball games and snow trips to Reno on the train. In the future more trips may be added, suggestions? The summer we often have a trip to the Oakland A's games and in February  we plan the Reno snow trip. See our calendar and upcoming activities for scheduled trips.


Lee Mitchell 224-2457 -    

Bill Hogberg 224-6072 -

Several times a year we line up several group trips both during Salmon Season and Sturgeon and Striped Bass season. Watch our website and facebook or join the notification list by calling on the Co-Chairman.


   Roving Roosters  

Dave San Filippo - 707-255-3482

Roving Roosters have over 70 families in our RV group. Any SIR member can join the Roving Roosters including their spouse or significant other. We have a $5.00 annual donation required per person. We have members from branches 62, 88, 105, 123, 149, and 156, We usually have two planning meetings a year. We usually have a Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner . We don't have any mandatory attendance at any event. Having a RV is required.



Mike Murrell - - 707-666-5810

All Sirs are encouraged to drop in at the Bocce Pavillion at the Napa Senior Center every Thursday morning. Play starts between 9:30 am and 10:00 am and concludes by noon time. Bocce is an easy and enjoyable social game that everyone can play reguardkess of ability or experience. Newcomers to the game will receive some basic instruction from an experienced player so they can join the group right away. You will be a Bocce expert quicker than you think. The Bocce Chairperson is Sir Mike Murrell and his capable assistant Sir Dick Bruce. Just ask for Mike or Dick when you come down and they will get you started. See you on the Bocce Courts!



Joe D'Adamo - 226-1935

Games are held every Monday afternoon from 1-4:30 @ the Elks Lodge. Because of increased interest the time for cards has been extended to 4:30. With a wide variety of games, there’s action for all! Attendance is at 12 to 15 Sirs each week and we urge more attendees.

      Dining out with ROMEO 

                            (retired old men eating out)  

Ron Wilson - 360-880-2552 - RONINNAPPA@GMAIL.COM

We have a new coordinator for Dining Out, SIR Ron Wilson!
Ron is just grabbing the reins of ROMEO! I am new to Napa (1 year) but have enjoyed the two ROMEO
dinners that have come up since I joined SIRS. What a great way to make new friends, try new dining
experiences, and make points with our wives. My goal is to expand to 6-10 dinners a year depending on
how demand and opportunity develops. First goal is a January dinner. Stay tuned to this newsletter and
announcements at the lunches for more details. Any feedback or suggestion would be appreciated.
Please e-mail RONINNAPPA@GMAIL.COM or call me 360-880- 2652. If you have interest, send me
your email address and you will receive extra updates.


    Book Exchange   

Bill Sharp - 707-258-8835

Books, books,and more books.  The Sir Branch 149 Book Exchange has developed into a healthy project providing members opportunity to select books of all styles and types for their personal use.  We estimate an average  inventory of about five hundred books.  The books have keen donated by members and set out each meeting for Sirs to browse through to select as many as they wish to take with them.  They may keep them as long as they need to and when finished return for other members to read or directly share with someone else. There are a few audio books.  This activity has become a major focal point for many members at each meeting.



Peter Draier 707-257-3630

For the 2016 Area 17 Golf Schedule, we have changed our regular playing date to the third Wednesday of each month with the exception of November when we will play on a Thursday. At every monthly lunch, in the back of the room we have sign-up sheets for usually the next two golf outings and encourage all SIRS members who enjoy the game of golf to come out and play with us.

    9 - Hole Golf  

Mike Murrell 707-666-5810

SIRS from all Napa SIR Branches play 9-holes of golf every Wednesday EXCEPT the third Wednesday (reserved for the monthly tournaments run by John Harrison) at Vintner’s Golf Club in Yountville.  Tee times have been reserved for SIRS and we start at 9:00 AM. To play, contact SIR Mike Murrell at  or call/text at 707-666-5810 to get put on the 9-hole group list. In addition to 9-holes of fun golf at a very manageable course there is a closest to the pin contest.



 Bill Shields -
Herb Christian -

Bicycling is a great way to get some exercise, fresh air and enjoy SIRS comradery.  Rides are on Thursday mornings, typically 8-10 miles in distance, and usually alternating between riding through Carneros  vineyards  to the Napa River, or along the Napa Valley Vine Trail to  Yountville.  Twice a year a special ride is scheduled for the American River Trail in Sacramento.  Rides are suitable for riders of all levels.  Contact Bill or Herb for more information or to join the mailing list.



Bob Benning - 337-2614

As the leader of the Theatrical Performances Group, my goal is to provide information about local Napa Valley events. These are to be enjoyed by both you and spouse. In many cases these activities are also suitable for other family members. In some cases SIRS will be registering independently and others will be coordinated SIRS events.

       Trippers & Hikers  

Pete Smith - 707-888-1909

The Hikers and Trippers organizes hikes, walks and trips to various bay area locations.
Suggestions for outings are welcome. 


         Wine Valley Tipplers  

Bart Bathelemy - Telephone 707-966-2711 -  Cell 707-738-1286 - Fax 877-395-1459 Email 

"We will be holding blind tastings on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM at the River Pointe Resort, 500 Lincoln Ave. Parking is in the lot on the left when entering the Resort. The tastings will take place in the main hall of the main building. All blind tastings will be limited to the first 24 attendees to RSVP.!! Bart Barthelemy 1001 Steele Canyon Road Napa, CA 94558 Tel: (707) 966-2711 Cell: (707) 738-1286 Fax: (877) 395-1459"       

        Sirs Bulletin (Newsletter)

Mark Stevenson Telephone 707.246.2795 Email

I am requesting that all Activities Chairs send me a monthly blurb written

exactly as they would like it published in the Newsletter and the Board Minutes.

 Ideally I would receive these write-ups the weekend prior to our monthly meetings.

        Classic Cars  

Daniel McCabe Telephone 707-224-6835 Email

Dan McCabe and Dave Silveria will be working together on a Classic Car group within SIR Branch 149. Dave has a Model A Sedan and Dan has a Mustang.

 Web page and Facebook

Adrian Fenderson Telephone 707-479-4688 Email

Any ideas for web page content and or facebook please see me or email or call.

 Veteran's Affairs

Del Fahlstrom Telephone 707-255-1421 Email

Sir Del Fahlstrom is our knowledgeable member on Veteran Affairs .  He is constantly keeping up with information for all the SIR veterans.